16. June 2016

This is our WKF FRANCOPHONE Champion belt

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WKF Francophonie Belt
WKF Francophone Belt

WKF head office present our new heavy FRANCOPHONE Champion belt. This is the new professional title for the Francophone member countries. Perfect for a pro title fight between Champions with French language history countries.

Pascal DELFOSSE, directeur de la Francophonie au sein de la WKF
2016 Francophone Logo
notre WKF Frankophone logo

Je me présente, je suis Pascal DELFOSSE, Président de la FKBDA (Fédération de kickboxing en France), membre de la WKF, et je viens d’être nommé directeur de la Francophonie au sein de la WKF.

La Francophonie dans le monde via O.I.F. (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) c’est 53 pays membres + 3 pays membres associés et 23 observateurs (l’équivalent du Commenwealth pour les pays Anglo-saxon).

Cette organisation est membre de l’ONU et du CIO, il existe d’ailleurs les jeux de la Francophonie (que j’espère intégré pour le kick boxing), et en France nous avons un Ministère de la Francophonie qui aide à l’organisation de rencontre entre pays membres.

Many fighters, managers and promoters like our new belt, for more information about this International title contact:

Directeur de la Francophonie WKF
FB: Francophonie WKF
mail: lidfkb@gmail.com

1997 intercontinental championship

15. June 2016

Next World title in Dolores, Alicante, Spain

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WKF SPAIN2016.06.25 Spain_webWKF SPAIN Logo president Juan PINILLA is not just one of our longest member, he is very active too.

Next international event is on June 25th and so many international fights are on the fight card.

Main fight is for the WKF PRO-AM full contact world title, 5 rounds 2 minutes, Light Middleweight – 71Kg / 156 lbs.


Spanish Amateur World champion Yaroslav BLOKHIN won the title on the last World Championships 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Austrian Amir SAHIL is current PRO-AM European Champion in lowkick.

He won his title in Ireland on April 11th 2015.


Katherina QUINTANA, Columbia
KURTAJ Deshire_
Deshiere KURTAJ, Austria

International femal ranking list fight: Austrian Champion Deshire KURTAJ challenge Katherina QUINTANA from Columbia in a tough lowkick bout.

Austrian Kurtaj has 8 fights and no lose, on her way to PRO-AM European title end of the Year.



14. June 2016

Martinjak is new Full contact World Champion

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Marko MARTINJAK, FC World Champion, Croatia

WKF EUROPE head office confirm:

WKF PORTUGAL president Cesar MOREIRA promoted full contact World title fight in Cruiserweight – 88,2 Kg / 194 lbs.

Portuguese TOP fighter Pedro CORREIA challenge Croatian champion Marko MARTINJAK for the world title belt.

In a explosive fight entrance the Croatian fighter put the Portuguese fighter in trouble in first round with a great boxing combinations and finish the fight in second round by KO.

Amazing performance of the young fighter who make in Portugal a big surprise.

Marko MARTINJAK is new WKF full contact world champion.


12. June 2016 OMAR

WKF SOUTH SUDAN next event in July 1st

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WKF SOUTH SUDAN2016.07.01 South Sudan president Puro OKELO annonce next event.
“South Sudan next hugs fight night of champions :
K-1 south sudan open to best kick boxers in South Sudan winner take WKF National championship title belt for 2016 champion.
James Koul African continental champion,
Aboyak Ater national champion,
Kennedy Lado challenger,
Elia Moga, Mike Kerbino, David Chol, Kerbino Deng and many more under card fighters from Sudan and Ethiopia.
And for first time in WKF to see Somalia fighter Abdi Mohamed history in making”
Read full story here on WKF AFRICA !

5. June 2016

WKF TÜRKIYE FEDERASYONU – referee seminar in Tarsus 23rd-24th July

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Referee meeting in  Türkei
WKF TURKEY10653390_513297828850927_299327104891973846_nWKF EUROPE head office and
our WKF TURKEY federation report about next authorized WKF referee seminar in Tarsus, Turkey.
Date is July 23rd / 24th.
Confirmed Supervisor is our Middle east director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI from Cairo.
For more details and full invitation contact Mr. Mustafa DINCEER or Mr. Yilmaz DÖNMEZ by mail: toroskaplani-33@hotmail.com , or visit our new WKF TURKEY web site, FACEBOOK is here:
WKF TÜRKIYE Federasyonu , Kickboks, Tay boks ve MMA Amatör ve profesyonel etkinlikler için Dünya çapında en eski ve günümüzde de enbüyük yaptırım organıdır.

5. June 2016

Battle of nations 2 – outdoor show in Ontario

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2016.06.11-Toronto-CanadaWKF CANADA president Wolfgang BRUTTER announce next TOP CLASS event .

After the big success , he promote “Battle of Nations 2”.


Puslinch Community Centre
Brock Road S South
Puslinch, Ontario N0B 2C0 Canada

Organizer Guelph MMA

Phone: 519-222-3483
Email: info@guelphmma.com
Website: www.guelphmma.com

International Champions challenge Canadas best female/male fighter.

Germany, Austria, Brazil, USA, Ireland …

“This is the Venue for the first outdoor Show in Guelph.

We showing 8 international Top Class Fights in Muay Thai /MMA/Kickboxing K1 Tickets going fast , Don’t Miss This Event” , says Mr. Brutter.


12. August 2015

Our champion Ximba Nkosinathi was murdered

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XimbaKreuzWKF AFRICA and WKF family World wide is in deep mourning.

We can hardly belief this message, but we understood unfortunately it’s true.

Our current World Champion in Featherweight -58Kg/128 lbs Nkosinathi XIMBA was shot in the back on Saturday, 09.08. and Monday has died of his injuries in hospital.

I had the luck to meet him several times, he won his World title in Vienna. Still people ask me about “the little African”, when he will come again for a fight.

Now we all know !

Our condolence goes to Mr. Mark HEY who was like his father, coach, manager and mentor, to his family and his 4 kids.

R.I.P. Nathi, we will never forget you brother !

Mark und Ximba

26. June 2015

NEW !!! SANDA by World Championships 2016 in Andria

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2016.11.14 WKF World Championships AndriaWKF WUSHU LogoDuring the last World referee seminar in Budapest, Hungary, was a very important meeting with WKF ITALY president Mr. Salvatore MATERA and promoter of the World Championships 2016 in Andria, Mr. Michele SANZIONE, and WKF Italy supervisor Mr. Franco MAGNO.

On request of our Italian experts we have now first time in history SANDA/WUSHU as so called demonstration sport on the upcoming World Championships 2016 in Andria, November.

Our IRC (International rules committee) and other experts fixed now the new official SANDA rules, valid for Andria 2016. Waiting HERE for your down load.

Furthermore we have now an official co – partner and second World sanctioning body for Andria 2016 “WORLD KUNG FU FEDERATION”

LOGO WKF KUNG FUThis is now a great opportunity for all our members World wide, to bring SANDA/WUSHU fighters in their team as well.

Few new WKF ASIAN countries send already their interests. At the moment we negotiate with new teams in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and Thailand !!!

Our new WKF SANDA & WUSHU web site is here !!! Fill in now the online fighter profiles and add a jpg to bring in your SANDA male/female fighters in the new SANDA WORLD RANKINGS.


All SANDA/WUSHU champions around the World are very welcome in Andria 2016 !!!


27. June 2015

WKF AUSTRIA referee meeting 2016 in Vienna

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WKF-Austria LogoWKF AUSTRIA announce next referee seminar for Austrian WKF referees only.

Mr. Gerald DITTRICH has scheduled the next annual referee seminar for the Austrian local referees in Vienna, March 2016.

This is perfect date to extend or get the new WKF referee license. Austria will appoint 4 international referees for the World Championships in Andria.

Next World referee seminar for international referees C class and higher is scheduled for Andria, Italy, February 26th , 2016.

25. May 2015

Casablanca welcomes WKF – huge success in Morocco !

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2015.05.24 Casablanca

WKF AFRICA continental federation confirm:

WKF MOROCCO president Mr. Omar CHEBALI was the host of last WKF middle east conference in amazing Casablanca.

WKF middle east logoWKF middle east director Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI was the chairman and more than 75 (!) interested officials and male/female fighters attended the various seminars. Many male/female champions attended the seminar with following DAN gradings.

Mr. Chabali is our new appointed WKF AFRICA continental MMA director and he will contact ASAP all our 27 WKF AFRICA member country presidents to organise MMA and to move forward, hand in hand with all other African experts. Mr. Chebali speaks perfect French and English and of course Arabic language as well.

If you want to contact Mr. Chebali for WKF MMA requests send him your E-mail, please. More photos already here in our gallery.

a b

25. May 2015

Amazing event in Korea – East Asian convention and referee seminar

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DSC_0714WKF ASIA continental office confirm:

Important news form our WKF ASIA continental vice-president Mr. HWANG HYUN GI.

I am preparing to promote WKF referee seminar & convention at Seoul, Korea. I’m trying to set date in July or August. I m sure this event would great as our last seminar what was in Budapest. This event is for meet new officials in Asia, discussing about business and have fun in Korea :-)

We also already have Chinese and English female interpreters. Hotel fee is almost 80~120USD per a day and am in course of adjustment. If you want to know more information about this event, please feel free to contact me by mail or call me: +821062159644

Last World referee meeting in February in Hungary, 44 countries attend

WKF SOUTH KOREA안녕하십니까. 세계킥복싱연맹 동아시아지부 이사, 아시아지부 부회장 황 현기입니다.
다가오는 7월 혹은 8월경 WKF 국제심판 세미나와 컨벤션을 병행하여 서울에서 개최하려는데 주말을 이용하여 2일가량 진행될 예정입니다. 참가비와 세부사항등은 본 협회와 조정중이며 장소는 서울시 염창동 나이아가라 호텔에서 진행하려 계획중입니다.
국제심판 세미나는 만 18세 이상의 지원자들로 2일간의 교육 후 필기시험을 치루고 최종합격 여부가 결정되는데 합격자는 성적에 따라 국제경기에서 레프리, 심판의 자격이 주어지는 A ~ C class 자격이 주어집니다. 심판 일당은 정관상 300유로(한화 37만원 상당) 이 주어지며 당해 경기 프로모터의 스폰서 상황에 따라 항공료, 호텔 등이 지원될 수 있습니다.
통역도 구합니다 이미 영어, 중국어 통역들을 확보해 놓았지만 부족할 것 같습니다. 통역을 도와주시는 분께는 국제심판 세미나에 대한 자격증명서를 부여해드립니다
세부사항들이 확정되는대로 재공지 하겠습니다 많은관심부탁드립니다.